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The jewelry trends for summer 2024: Get that summer feeling!

The jewelry trends for summer 2024: Get that summer feeling!

Summer is just around the corner, and we can't wait to shine in the sun. Whether you're lounging on the beach, strolling through the city, or attending a festival, the right jewelry can complete your look. This summer, it's all about shells, statement pieces, and florals. So, let's dive into the jewelry trends of 2024 and discover the must-haves you absolutely need!

Trend 1# Shells

First things first: shell jewelry is totally hot this year! From Ibiza-style necklaces to minimalist bracelets, shells are the trend to follow. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a bit of beach vibe, even if you don't live by the coast?

Shell jewelry instantly gives you that carefree vacation feeling. They're perfect for a beach day but also for a summer evening in the city. Plus, they're super versatile and go with every outfit, from your bikini to your summer dress.


Trend 2# Bold Necklaces

This season is all about making a statement. Think big, bold necklaces that elevate your entire outfit. Whether you're wearing a simple white t-shirt or a colorful summer dress, a chunky necklace is always a winner. They're edgy, stylish, and perfect for experiencing your summer adventures.


Trend 3# Statement Earrings

Summer means color, and this year your earrings should reflect that too! Big, colorful statement earrings are a must-have and a real earring trend. From tropical hues to neon colors, these earrings ensure you stand out. Perfect for adding some spice to your look and being completely summer-ready.


Trend 4# Layering

Layers, layers, and more layers! Layering remains the jewelry trend to embrace. Mix and match different length necklaces for a playful and stylish effect. But why stop at necklaces? Try stacking multiple bracelets and rings for a unique and personal touch. This is the perfect way to make the most of your jewelry collection and make a statement.


Trend 5# Floral

Flowers aren't just for your garden! Floral jewelry is the jewelry trend this summer. Think striking but also subtle flowers in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These pieces give your look a romantic and fresh vibe. Perfect for a day at the beach, sipping cocktails on the terrace, or a summer date night.


At Notbranded, we have the most beautiful items to complete your summer look. From shell-adorned jewelry to florals. Check out our collection and find your new favorite jewelry for this summer.

Enjoy your summer!

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